Turning 21 is a huge milestone and deserves to be celebrated in style. Most people head straight to the bar upon turning 21, and, granted, this makes plenty of sense when you’ve been counting the days until you could legally buy a drink. While that can be fun, there are other ways to spend this special day (or night).

Here are 12 fun suggestions for things to do on your 21st!

1. Get Some Brunch

Whatever your plans for the evening may be, start your 21st off right with some brunch. Order whatever you want off of the menu, and see if you can’t order that first drink. You’ll find now that you’re 21 that a Bloody Mary or bottomless mimosa order can be a great way to start the day! (Just don’t get carried away.)

2. Be Entertained At A Drag Show

Fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race can attest that drag shows are extremely entertaining. Celebrate your big milestone by watching drag queens perform show-stopping numbers. It’s just the sort of thing you wouldn’t do on any old night out.

3. Take A Swim In A Rooftop Hotel Pool

If the weather is nice, and if you have access to one, consider going to a rooftop hotel with a pool. Nothing beats lounging on a pool float on top of a city, perhaps with a tropics-inspired drink in hand!

4. Visit A Casino

Realistic poker platforms, Canadian slot sites, and even some mobile apps have turned casino entertainment into a digital concept for many. While those online slots and poker games can be fun, a real casino is perfect for a unique celebration. It’s an excuse to dress up (go ahead and wear something sparkly), have a drink, play some games, and socialize, all in one go! Just be sure to be responsible.

5. Hike A Trail

Getting some fresh air is a great way to spend your 21st birthday and a nice way to do something healthy during the day if you plan on a long night out. So lace up those hiking boots and hit the trail! Turning 21 isn’t just about your newly-useful ID.

6. Have A Movie Night

While the prevailing image of a 21st birthday is that of a fun-filled night out — and indeed we’re suggesting several versions of that here — not everyone likes to go out! For a low-key birthday bash, invite some good friends over to watch a few favorite movies. Make some popcorn, enjoy a few treats, and just enjoy yourself.

7. Paint And Drink

Embrace your artistic side by going to a paint and sip class. Of course, you and your friends may notice that your artistic skills start to wane after a few glasses of wine. But these are still very fun events.

8. Go Wine Tasting At A Vineyard

If you’d like to have some drinks but you don’t want the traditional night out in town, take a road trip with your friends to the nearest vineyard. You’ll feel very sophisticated as you swirl, smell, and sip your selections of wine, and you’ll start your post-21st life off with some legitimate education about the beverage!

9. See Live Music

Seeing live music can make for an exciting birthday celebration, no matter what year you’re celebrating. That said, being 21 also means you’ll be able to go to an all-ages concert.

10. Play Poker With Friends

If you can’t be bothered to go to a casino as suggested above, you can always have a Las Vegas-themed night at your house. You could set up some of those online casino options alluded to previously — but the real fun is in setting up a poker table and gambling against friends (even if you’re exchange something like candy instead of cash).

11. Enjoy A Fancy Dinner With Friends

Keep things intimate by going on a dinner date with your closest friends. Head over to a fancy restaurant in your best outfit, order a cocktail or two, and enjoy a delicious meal. And be sure to get a dessert! You deserve it on this night of all nights.

12. Throw A Theme Party

Turning 21 is a great excuse for throwing a massive party. Put up some decorations, make a killer playlist, and tell your friends to dress up like characters from your favorite movie franchise (or any other theme you might come up with). You can also make themed cocktails. For example, if you decide on a Harry Potter party (an idea we’d endorse faster than you can say Wingardium Leviosa), you can serve themed drinks like Butterbeer, a Polyjuice Potion, and Firewhisky.


The key is ultimately to celebrate however you’d like to, provided you’re safe and responsible about it. But hopefully, if your own 21st is upon you, these ideas can help inspire the perfect day and night!

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