A Dreaming Rock Like Me by Lyra Zapanta

How does one reach a star
That shines out there in the universe
Not begging to be noticed
But unable to control its effect
On viewers all around it?
Does one simply call out to it
Hoping above the cacophony of voices
Begging for a second of attention,
Yours will stand out?
Or does one build a spacecraft
To take you out there
Even if it consumes you in the end?

Ah, but how do you reach a star indeed,
When said star is up there in heaven
Among the brightest ones?
Definitely light years away from you
And for millennia has existed before you.
I wonder, oh, I do,
Why was I born a rock meant to orbit you?
Inexplicably drawn close by your gravity
But never close enough to feel your warmth.
Not even born as a planet
Deserving of your grace and radiance,
But a rock that passes by like any other rock,
Devoid of the uniqueness and beauty
Of all the planets in your solar system.

Yet if, in a moment of time,
I happen to pass close by
And feel but the faintest touch of your warmth
Reaching out to caress with burning fingers
This cold, pining heart of mine,
I think that that would be enough
For a dreaming rock like me.

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