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Seven Spices of Teenage Life

Our teenage life kicks in when we realize how important we are to ourselves. It’s when every little aspect matters: from little details in the eye makeup to the little toe being painted with the perfect matching shiny lacquer; from the spikes in our hair to the best brand sneakers; and all the ABCs of our looks, outfits, and accessories. However, there are a few things that are common among all teenagers. You might change your teenage experience as you will, but there are seven spices that are similar in every teen’s life. Here’s a quick peek:

1. Becoming self-conscious

As the notes of teen years strike, self-consciousness starts snuggling in, taking a rightful spot in your mind. To look as fit as a fiddle becomes not only a want but a need, a necessity. Gaining a small extra pound becomes akin to a sin. Every bit comes under observation. The features need to be enhanced for a picture-perfect selfie, the lip balm has to be dabbed well, and the French manicure has to be spotless. Kids who never before bothered taking a shower or even washing their faces now focus on using the most suitable skin care products.

2. The sudden shopping mania

This spice becomes evident as every teenager strives to add the latest arrival to his or her closet. The wardrobe collection ranges from variant shades of pink and blue to an array of jeans ranging from skinny to baggy styles. The shirts’ collection is usually so broad that kids forget that they even had that ‘yellow top.’ Survival without the latest jewelry, accessories, and makeup shades is next to impossible.

3. Misunderstandings with family

A major spice of the teen years is misunderstandings with family, may it be as small as a pearl or as large as an ogre itself. Despite the intensity of the disagreements, these are a particular part of teenage life. For their own legit reasons, parents dislike these certain years of their children’s growth and development. During these years, kids raise questions and want answers for all of their meaningful and meaningless questions. Teens want full independence for late night parties, sleepovers on weekends, campfires, and everything else. Parents, on the other hand, stick to their rules and discipline.

4. Finding and making lasting friends

Another surprise of the teenage years is friendship. It’s a simple word that starts with F and ends with P, but it means a whole lot in a person’s life. The bonds that are woven may have a manufacturing date, but it’s the only product that lasts forever, without an expiry date. If it’s made with the right person or people, then the bond can last for a long time and is a strong encouragement in all the light and dark moments of life.

5. Needing to be in the loop on everything

This is another essential spice for all teenagers. The package has special seats reserved in the cinema for the latest movie. The stores have new CDs and DVDs to tap into the market of these youngsters. Gossip takes center stage, and many teenagers spend whole nights talking about it all.

6. Crushes

The spiciest of the spices, the queen of the spices in a teen’s special years is crushes. Teens hold a unique attraction for their opposite gender, and having a boyfriend or girlfriend is rather a trend. It initiates with the other person being good-looking, trendy, stylish, and a perfect personality owner. The first experience always leaves a mark in the memory corner of the mind.

7. Making career decisions

The last spice is when the teen years start wearing off, when it becomes high time that we decide our identity and decide how we’ll make our permanent place in this world. It is the spice of selecting a career in the field of interest. It is when the polishing of the talents begins and when the body engine spurs to life to give a ride through the wild, tough years ahead.

All in all, the teenage years bring many happy moments and many wonderful memories, so live it to the fullest! Enjoy it!