img_79695. Strawberry Ghosts

This recipe was cute and simple to make. The mix of the hard outer shell of the white chocolate and the sweet, juicy flavor of the strawberry made a very nice treat. This recipe, like most of the ones I tried, is also very kid-friendly. Decorating the strawberries gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves through the faces! Find the recipe at

4. Pretzel Ghosts

pretzelsThe mix of chocolate and pretzel in this recipe is able to satisfy both my sweet and salty cravings. My favorite thing about this recipe is how easy it is to make so many of them. This recipe would work great for a Halloween party or a bake sale, amongst other things. I did a full tutorial of this recipe last Halloween, which you can find here.

3. Rice Krispies Pumpkins

This recipe was the favorite of all my friends. The unbeatable taste of a Rice Krispies treat mixed with fall spirit created an adorable and fullsizerenderdelicious treat! I have a couple tips for anyone who tries this recipe:

  1. Don’t be afraid to get messy. Marshmallow will get everywhere — including all over your hands, clothes, and kitchen.
  2. The stems can be made out of really anything. I used green M and Ms, but I have seen people use Mike and Ikes as well as Tootsie Rolls.

Find the recipe at

2. Mini Pretzel Mummies


These, just like the pretzel rods, are the perfect combination of sweet and salty. These mummies are unique in the realm of Halloween treats. I had never seen a mummy recipe before this, and I really liked the ability to make them one by one, not an entire batch at a time, as well as the simplicity of the recipe. If anyone wants to make these, don’t be afraid to try all the variants of the recipe given on the website! (Tip: Even if the bigger pretzels are on sale, it doesn’t matter. Get the mini ones. They work a lot better.) Find the recipe at

1. Spider Oreos


This was not only my favorite recipe to make but also my favorite recipe to share with my friends. These cute little Oreos are a simple, friendly-for-all recipe. (After all, Oreos are vegan!) I loved the creativity of this recipe. I never would have thought of putting licorice into Oreos to make spiders! In the recipe I found, it said to use black licorice, but I found that Twizzlers Pull and Peel worked just as fine. Find the recipe at

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