How to Incorporate Halloween into Your Everyday Look

The average individual invests time, money, and effort into the perfect costume for Halloween, and then the well-thought-out ensemble is left in the closet until (maybe) the next year. October 31st may come and go, but, believe it or not, some trends go beyond the holiday. To avoid wearing something for just one day, here are five aspects of common Halloween costumes that can be integrated into your everyday wardrobe. Don’t worry, these pieces are stylish, not spooky.

Cat Ears

Yes, it’s acceptable to wear cat ears in public. Instead of buying the typical cat ears for your costume, buy a feline-eared metal or sparkly headband. These are not only trendy for adorable costume purposes but prove to be actually fashionable. In fact, celebrities like pop sensation Ariana Grande and the recent America’s Got Talent winner, Grace VanderWaal, have been seen sporting cat ears as their go-to hair accessory.

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Being a cowgirl for Halloween brings the best of both worlds: You get to rock a flannel shirt on October 31st and for the rest of the fall season. Seriously, you cannot go wrong with flannels. Ever. Flannel shirts will top off your cowgirl costume and will serve as a staple piece of your autumn wardrobe.

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Chokers have been all over fashion this year and would be the perfect accessory to fit into numerous costumes. Whether you dress as a biker chick and wear leather and an intense black choker or as a hippie clothed in tie-dye and a daisy-patterned choker, you’ll definitely be able to use this insanely popular accessory after trick-or-treating season is over. Chokers work if your day-to-day outfit is simple, edgy, or anything in-between. It’s scary how versatile this 1990s-style necklace can be.

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Workout Clothes

An iconic yet hardly done Halloween costume is a 1980s Workout Girl. This idea is an especially excellent last-minute DIY because you most likely already have the pieces to this in your closet. And, hey, leggings are a girl’s best friend and a vital piece to this costume. Not only will you be comfortable at your Halloween party, but you can also satisfy your daily gym/workout grind in this attire as well.

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Leather Pants

As the costume that has the #1 place in my heart, Sandy from the 1978 flick Grease will easily win you best-dressed and a trendy pair of black leather pants. Yes, I am referring to Sandy’s best-known outfit that she wore singing the classic tune “You’re the One That I Want.” After Halloween, you can wear the same leather pants when going out with your BFFs for a night on the town. Basic leather pants can easily and timelessly dress up any garb. The “Sandy” look will be the one that you want!

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