With autumn comes chillier nights and decorative lights strung on many houses, as well as people donning leather boots and knitted scarves. It’s the perfect time of year to get into the decorating spirit, finding creative ways to make your space fall-friendly — whether your space is a shared bedroom, a dorm room, or a small apartment — and coordinating it with your existing fall wardrobe.

1. Knitted pumpkins 
Photo via NevadaKnits on Etsy.com

These adorable knitted pumpkins by Nevada Knits go perfectly with a knitted scarf, especially if you choose an autumnal color palette such as burnt orange, sienna, or a brown hue.


2. Bat Window Decals 
Photo via GiftedThumble on Etsy.com

Bat window decals from Gifted Thimble can help you stand out from standard department stores, and they go with pretty much anything, especially the black items in your closet. A little black dress? A pair of black kitten heels? Absolutely.


3. Marshmallow Ghosts  
Photo via HomeIsWhereTheBoatIs.net

Who says that accessories and decor can’t be edible? Nothing says fall — or Halloween — like a decorative candy dish or some homemade treats, such as marshmallow ghosts. Delicious marshmallow ghost treats will pair beautifully with a popular fall favorite: capes. Capes have a flowing, silky nature, and you can go all out in a white cape and turn it into an eerie ghost costume yourself. Marshmallow ghosts also make a cute Instagram post before you feed them to your guests.


4. Faux Gravestones for Your Floor 
Photo via TheEnchantedAcorn on Etsy.com

Turn your space into a mini-haunted house with resin gravestones by TheEnchantedAcorn. Gravestones and other graveyard decorations match perfectly with a leather look, especially a dark leather jacket. Why? Maybe it’s because leather jackets are only for the most daring people, those who are more likely to set foot inside an actual graveyard in October.


5. Hand Imprint Pillow Case
Photo via wfrancisdesign on Etsy.com

This spooky hand imprint pillow by WFrancisDesign is not only ingenious in its design, but it also goes with any ghastly costumes you have planned — or with your simple cream-colored, fall cardigans. It’ll add a spooky touch to any outfit that utilizes shades of white.


6. Halloween Ghost Wreath
Photo via TurquoiseOwlDesign on Etsy.com

What makes a great matching pair for this ghost wreath by TurquoiseOwlDesign? Boot cuffs are one option because they keep ghouls from nipping at your ankles, and they are probably just as cozy for the undead as they are for us. Plus, boot cuffs are ideal for keeping warm during a long walk outside through a haunted house or while reading scary stories on the porch.


7. Plaid Pumpkins 
Photo via AndOtherAdventures on Etsy.com

What goes better with your collection of fall flannels than a set of decorative plaid pumpkins by AndOtherAdventures? This decoration is the ultimate complement to your cozy, comfy, plaid button-downs or to the occasional plaid skirt that finds its way into your wardrobe.


When in doubt, simply turn your closet or bedroom into a fall fort with cozy thick blankets and plenty of reading material. Forts go with literally any autumn outfit, especially pajamas, and they’re perfect for a stormier fall day when all you want to do is get comfortable with a good book.

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