7 Fun Hobbies to Try This Fall


When it comes to hobbies, we all need to find an outlet or two for expressing ourselves and releasing excess stress at the same time. Everyone is unique, so a particular hobby might be of interest to you whereas your friends might not get it or might like something totally different. Hobbies give you an individualistic creative channel, and your sole involvement in a given hobby should make you happy and relaxed. If you truly enjoy a specific hobby, good for you, keep it up! Especially now that the fall is upon us, there are some fall-specific hobbies you might like to consider trying. Here are some cozy and inspired fall hobbies you might be into today:

1. Photography in the fall

Fall is the perfect time to open up your inventive and imaginative qualities and snap a photo! Photography does not have to be all about rules; it just requires your attention to detail and beauty. So go ahead and create a photo shoot of your favorite things, from flowers to birds and from rain to food. ‘Tis the season for expressing yourself, so go capture the moment to put in your scrapbook.

2. Take a hike

Just because the weather is not as hot anymore doesn’t mean you have to stop working out and enjoying physical activities. Hiking is a fun and productively exhilarating way to get some exercise in and enjoy the view. Since the weather is cooling down a bit, grab your sneakers and a buddy and head on out to watch the scenery and rediscover nature.

3. Knitting in the rain

On those wet and rainy fall days, you want to kick back with a hot chocolate and spend some time indoors. Knitting is the hobby for you if you want to lounge in your bed or watch some TV while doing something productive. Whether you want to make holiday gifts — like a hat, scarf, and glove set — or simply make yourself a whole sweater or leg warmers, it is a portably perfect fall hobby to dig into.

4. Visit your local museum

When was the last time you went to a museum? Museums are filled with great knowledge and artifacts that can enrich your mind and enhance your sense of creativity and appreciation of the intellectual world. You always have something new and exciting to discover, so go visit your local museum today!

5. Have you had a dinner party lately?

Dinner parties seem to be a thing of the past. Nowadays everyone goes out to eat or orders in, and the element of a home-cooked meal has somewhat gone astray. Invite some friends over, and make it fun. Perhaps each friend can be assigned a dish. So, when you get together, you create a bonding experience through social interaction all the while enjoying a delicious, cooked meal.

6. Get artistically creative

With the change of seasons, fall evokes a sense of artistry just by looking out your window with the colorful leaves falling on the ground. So, when you have some free time and don’t know what to do, buy a painting set and start painting! This is a perfect way to express yourself, and it can actually reduce your stress levels. Paint a fruit basket, nature, your pet, whatever comes to mind! Watercolors are great, especially if you are a fellow beginner painter.

7. Apple-picking season

Apples are a delectable fruit to enjoy all year round, but have you ever been apple picking? Hot apple cider is a delicious treat and perfect for the fall, so go on an apple-picking adventure and indulge in the goodness and sweetness of the apples. Once picked, you can bake your apples, make an apple pie, or cut up the raw apples into a tasty fruit salad.


There you have it, folks! Whether you want to get active, get artistic, or just get comfy indoors, you have a great variety of fun fall hobbies to dig into, from apple picking and hiking to museum outings and painting sessions. When you think fall, think fun, freeing, and fabulous! If you have some fun fall hobby ideas, feel free to share them on Instagram and tag @levitagal and #funfallhobbies so I can see and like your photos! Happy hobbying!


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