A Magical Gift by Paula Becka

“Uh, thanks.” I gaze at the glum frame. A lamppost in a landscape of powdery snow is looking back at me. Pine trees peer in from the sides.

“Merry Christmas,” she answers.

I stare. Hm.

“Touch it.”

They said I shouldn’t.


She’s dangerous, they said.

But her eyes are so hopeful.

I reach forwards, my fingers brushing the paint covered canvas. One moment I feel fabric, and the next…

I’m touching cold, black metal. Trees tower up to my sides. Before me the lamppost, its glowing flame flickering. And snowflakes gently fall down, enveloping me in an enchanted world.




"A Magical Gift" is a featured 100-word story from the December Writing Challenge.
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Paula Becka

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