Advice I Wish I’d Heard Years Ago


High school is hard enough without throwing all the social aspects on top of it. They can be harmful if you get too obsessive or stressed out. I, for one, have only just gotten the gist of how to survive more simply. If I had one wish, it would be to go back and teach my younger self a thing or two. I’m giving you the chance to do that now.

1. Never let anyone walk all over you.

Never let anyone make you feel bad about yourself, and never let anyone bring you down. If anyone says anything about you, don’t listen to it. I’ve been in high school long enough to realize that none of it is true and that it’s all just petty backstabbing for no apparent reason except for jealousy. Don’t listen to them! You have each other for a reason; your friends are the ones you should listen to. When they tell you how beautiful you are after someone says different, believe them because they’re the ones that know what they’re talking about.

2. Walk with confidence because confidence is the best feeling.

Do whatever you want to improve how you feel about yourself: dye your hair, cut it, lose weight, buy makeup, do whatever you want, just don’t make it obsessive. If you feel more confident with a bit of mascara on, wear it and wear it with confidence. It’s okay to like yourself more with makeup on. Just don’t forget how gorgeous you look without it. Just do what you want to be happy; that’s the main thing. If you’re happy, you’re winning.

3. Don’t obsess over dating.

Yes, sometimes people marry their high school sweetheart, but most meet people outside of school, so please don’t worry about others just yet. I spent so much of my high school time dressing for them and worrying what they thought of me, becoming so insecure because I always knew they were watching. Don’t do this. Save yourself the misery. And just remember: They are human too. Don’t get an idea in your head that they are more valuable than you or more superior. Don’t think that they are worth more or have more power. They are a person, exactly like you are! If you like them, great. Tell them if you want. Just don’t drive yourself absolutely crazy! You have heaps of time for that later on as well. Don’t rush into anything. You’re only a teenager; you’ve got about 70 more years to live at least.

4. Don’t be afraid to float.

I have moved groups of friends at least 5 times since the start of school, and now I couldn’t be happier. You will find the right people; just stop stressing for now.

5. Pick subjects you enjoy.

It will be so much easier to concentrate if you like the topic. This leads to better marks. Don’t put yourself through hell when you can so easily avoid it.

6. Try hard.

If someone says you can’t, prove them wrong! School doesn’t last forever, so make the most of it. Chill out a bit and lower your standards. Take a look at the bigger picture. You are not unworthy because of a bad grade. Remember to breathe.


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