My feet itch and my toes crinkle
It’s three a.m. in the morning and
I can’t stop thinking about running away.
My soul is a nomad trapped in a regular girl’s body.
I want to feel the crispy morning air
And make love to the dew drops.
How hard is it to unmask the litter that lives inside me
How beautifully I have woven these 9-5 sequins upon my body,
reflecting only the gloomy.
Take me places I’ve never seen before and show me things that give me goosebumps.
I want to feel the light raise on my skin not from cold but adrenaline.
Hold me not, I want to tear the skies and see the sun.
I want to caress the light that the moon so vividly and vibrantly transcends.
I want the taste of the stars and it to be bottled so deeply in my soul for a lifetime.
I want to sleep in the arms of the mountains, roar like the thunderstorms and soothe like the rays of Sun after a cyclone.
Show me how to sow crops, I’m too tired of the keyboards.
I want to paint the world in a beautiful hue
Filled with travel, wanderlust, and fernweh.



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