Another Vagabond Lost to Love by Charlotte Eriksson


Photo courtesy of Amanda Mabel
Photo courtesy of Amanda Mabel


6 months, 2 weeks, 4 days,
and I still don’t know which month it was then
or what day it is now.
Blurred outlines
from hangovers
to coffee
another vagabond
lost to love.

I felt the storm through my walls last night
and the lighting turned the lights off
and I don’t know why they all closed their doors
’cause I collected my bones and wandered by the edge of the water
to see the way nature always finds its way
and will always have its way
and I’ve never seen the world so awake
and full of life
’cause mostly it’s still.
Mostly it’s quiet
And I must not forget that what must happen always will
and if I can find a way to work with nature
like nature
I might have my way too.
Find my way too.

4am alone and on my way.
These are my finest moments.
And it’s such a shame no one can see me now
’cause if they did I swear they would all lift their sights from that safe grey ground and nod their heads and say ”she’s on her way” and no one would doubt me like they always do around here
around me.
But then again, if anyone did see me I bet I wouldn’t walk like I do now
or sing like I do
like thoughts free flow straight out with the purest autumns winds
and no one holds me back
or tells me where to turn
and this road is mine to keep
and it will last for as long as I want to.
like a sinner stolen by the Gods
and I am not sorry.

I scrub my skin
to rid me from
and I still don’t know why I cried.
It was just something in the way you took my heart and rearranged my insides and I couldn’t recognise the emptiness you left me with when you were done. Maybe you thought my insides would fit better this way, look better this way, to you and us and all the rest.
But then you must have changed your mind
or made a wrong
because why did you

6 months, 2 weeks, 4 days,
and I still don’t know which month it was then
or what day it is now.
I replace cafés with crowded bars and empty roads with broken bottles
and this town is healing me slowly but still not slow or fast enough because there’s no right way to do this.
There is no right way to do this.

There is no right way to do this.




Charlote Eriksson- the glass childCharlotte Eriksson, The Glass Child, is a writer and songwriter from Sweden, currently living wherever the wind takes her. She is the author of Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps, telling the story about how she left everything she had and knew to dedicate her life to her music. She has produced and released 5 records, and her new album I Must Be Gone and Live, or Stay and Die is out worldwide October 21. Find out more about her life and music on her website, or visit her online via FacebookTwitterTumblr, or YouTube.


Amanda Mabel is a fashion and portrait photographer living in Sydney, Australia. Originally from Singapore, she moved to Perth in 2011, then Sydney in 2012. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) (Honours) at the University of Sydney. In her free time, she loves taking photographs, travelling to beautiful places, and drinking tea. She also happens to blog for Vogue Australia Spy Style. She maintains a website at and can be found on:  Instagram  Facebook  LinkedIn  Pinterest  Tumblr  Bloglovin Flickr.

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