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Get ready to have your lil’ butts kicked into gear because this app is going to change your life! No, really. Zombies, Run! is an app designed to make you feel like you are running for your life in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, and it is amazing and terrifying. It’s like the cool older brother of workout apps.

Consider me your zombie apocalypse guru, and let me take you through how you use this app:

Step one: Find some wide open spaces to run in

Step two: Put in your headphones and start your first mission

Step three: Run like hell

The app is comprised of missions that start you off as a passenger in a helicopter delivering supplies. Your helicopter gets shot down, and your journey as a “Runner” in Able Township begins. I got this app when it first came out, so it had only one set of missions. Now, it has 5k training.

If you aren’t in the mood to get chased by zombies, you always have the option of turning off the zombie chases. To be honest, this is usually the route that I go. I used to think that I might be able to last in a zombie apocalypse. Picture me standing on top of a hill with an AK-47 and the ground just littered with zombies. But, after this app, I’ve realized that the sounds of undead moaning and groaning in my ear sends me into more of an undignified, panicked sprint that has been known to send me accidentally screaming in the middle of the sidewalk. That said, I had a total blast.

The voice acting in the app is phenomenal. You (almost) forget that you are running because the story and the characters are so enthralling. You can use your own playlists that get mixed into the story, and it comes with GPS so that you can track how far you’ve run. It also gives you a full status report of your runs.

While running, you pick up supplies that you can use to fortify and build up your town. If you leave the app running untouched for too long, you risk zombie attacks on your town, which will leave it defenseless. It’s an ingenious way to get you back on track because, well, you have a town to protect!

I cannot recommend this app enough. If I am running (or, more likely, walking), then I am using this app.

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