“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” – Salvador Dali

“In Dreams”

Inspired by the dream of the unicorn in Blade Runner, the painting seeks to capture the atmosphere of nostalgia in the style of a fairy tale. The painting embodies the yearning for human connection in the age of virtualized identities.


“In Heaven Everything Is Fine”

Somewhere between Lord of the Flies and Robinson Crusoe is where the inspiration for this painting stems from. Its paternal roots lie in the day after the horrific killing in Lord of the Flies mixed with the melancholic ambient tunes of Eraserhead. The figure in the center hopes to call for help. However, the aerial object floating above their head—whatever it may be—is not shown in the picture. What remains are the empty calls and despairing clutching of the haggard clothes.



You Young Kim is a junior at Seoul International School in Seoul, Korea. Art is the most personal form of self-expression because there are no defined rules to follow. She enjoys the liberating exhilaration of being able to pour her thoughts on canvas freely and often comes to unexpected revelations about herself in the process.

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