Beautiful Chaos by Mikala Theo

My mind is a place of beautiful chaos
Sometimes it’s loud, like a thousand voices
Screaming at me from all directions.
Sometimes it’s quiet, the worn out floorboards don’t even creak or make a sound.
My mind is a place of comfort, but also a place of grief.
It’s where my doubts, fears and worries either grow or go to shrink.
Because sometimes I’ll spend hours, just locked inside,
trying to escape the thorns of the rose garden. Sometimes I succeed, other times I don’t.
My mind is a place of life, but it’s also a place of death.
My anxiety was born here,
while my enthusiasm died.
My mind is an ocean, I can feel myself sinking more and more each day.
The freezing water surrounds my body while the demons under the shore come out to play.
I never let them in, though, and I never f*cking will.
Because my mind may be dark,
But light fills up the empty parts, until there are no holes left to fill.



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