Black History Month: Broadway Edition

broadwayIn today’s modern world, we strive for a culture of equality. In TV shows, movies, and even songs, there are pushes for females to be accepted and considered equal to their male counterparts. It wasn’t always this way, though. In our country’s history, inequality has definitely existed, and, unfortunately, it has been even more prevalent in the past for African Americans. It was a difficult time, but now we can celebrate all of the wonderful contributions of African Americans over the years.

One of these contributions deals with musical theater. The theater is a majestic way for people to put themselves out there and make an impression, and these three African American female characters are no exception.

The first musical, a very well-known swingin’ and singin’ adventure, is Sister Act. This fun show will be enough to get you up and dancing yourself! It stars Deloris Van Carter, a Las Vegas singer who witnesses a murder arranged by her mobster boyfriend. In order to not get hurt, she hides in a convent — as a nun — under the Witness Protection Program. There, she befriends the local sisters and teaches them how to sing and how to have a little fun as well. It’s a colorful show that teaches us that women can make a powerful impact and that we can look and sound good while doing it.

Another fun musical is The Wiz. This fun new take on The Wizard of Oz includes an all-black cast and twice the fun! This adventure takes place in the exciting and colorful world of Oz, where Dorothy finds that she isn’t the only one who feels like she’s living an unfulfilled life. She befriends many folks along the way and makes her own enemies, too. Overall, The Wiz makes us learn how working together and never giving up will help you reach your goals.

The third musical starring an African American female as its lead is Dreamgirls. This moving musical is filled with love, hate, and greed, starring three black friends who all have big dreams of becoming pop stars. To their delight, their dreams come true when a big name hires them to be backup singers. Things take a bit of a turn when jealousy and resentment gets in the mix. In the end, however, the three girls learn that friends and family are the most important things in one’s life and that you shouldn’t lose sight of what matters the most.

For a group who has been through hardships in their history, it is beautiful to see African Americans creating beautiful, vibrant art and getting an opportunity to show off their talents. Theater is a brilliant way to express yourself through characters and music, and it’s even better when there’s a little diversity!

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