I have never learned how to swim,
I don’t know how it must feel like
To be under water so blue and so
Out of my reach, and I know how
Buoyancy works, yet I have never
Experienced it, but even though
I’m only standing near a body of
Water today, nowhere inside it,
I feel like I have reduced into the
Lightest of all feathers, like
Everything that had been holding
Me down has suddenly dissipated
Under the weight of the water
That is holding me captive, and
I feel like I am floating, gurgling
Words out that don’t mean
Anything and yet mean everything
And even the silence does not
Mean anything today despite
Being so profound and intense,
And all that I was wearing is
Matted to my body, having lost its
Gravity, and all that holds me is the
Metaphorical water I am balancing
Myself on, all ties broken with the
World up there, beyond the waters.


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