Brave by Moyurie Som

Life is easy for
those who live
with eyes closed,
lips pursed,
arms clasped to the chest,
with the heart carefully
caged within the
prison of their bones–
with brisk steps and
quick glances,
measured smiles
and calculated giggles,
fine sensibilities trickling
off their bodies like
unsolicited teardrops,
Pages scribbled on, crumpled
and tossed into bins,
words unfinished and unsaid
that creep slowly into
Brave are they,
who let their hearts
be warmed by the
naked flames of passion,
and when burnt,
stretch their palms out and
let the rain wash
their scars away.




Moyurie SomMoyurie Som is a seventeen-year-old Arctic Monkeys fangirl and Mad Men maniac. Poetry to her is catharsis, a fire that makes words gurgle out from inside her into curly-wurlies inked across paper. When she’s not writing, she likes exploring art, undertaking gastronomical adventures, or documenting her life online. Or maybe just sleeping. Reach her at [email protected] and visit her blog at

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