Underboob tattoos are one of the coolest tattoo trends to hit the industry recently. Everybody from Josephine Nicole to Blair Suicide has them. Whether you go for a mandala, butterfly/moth, or something entirely different, it’s guaranteed to make you look badass yet absolutely goddess-tier lovely. But before you rush to the tattoo parlor, I have a few words of advice (as a girl with a beloved tattoo beneath her own breasts).

1. Don’t plan to wear a bra for the next few days.

As a smaller-chested girl, this wasn’t a large hassle. To some, however, it may take planning to make sure you don’t have a yoga class or a long day ahead where you see yourself needing to wear a bra.

2. Your boobs may actually hurt while the tattoo is being done.

I can only speak for myself, but when I was being tattooed, I could feel (as you often do with tattoos) the pain radiating in the area around the needle. Even though my breasts were not being tattooed, I felt a slight vibration and soreness during the tattooing process.

 3. Seat belts are a surprising bother.

Think about where the seatbelt rests on your body. Right between the boobs and across the body, right? Car rides are no fun, to say the least.

4. Showing people can be a little strange.

Mostly because it can feel like a short leap from showing off your ink to flashing someone.

5. You can feel like you’ve got a super cool secret, if you want.

As you romp around town in a full length shirt or dress, only you will know of your super cool tattoo. If you wanna show it off? Donn a crop top!


No matter how big, small, or colorful your tattoo is, it’ll cause you some pain that is no doubt worth the outcome. So go, have some fun, and decorate your body like the canvas it is!




jamie kahnJamie Kahn is a writer and vocalist for the feminist hardcore band Fatale. Her poetry has been featured in many publications, including Maudlin House, PDXX Collective, and Donut Factory. She has written for Thought Catalog and is best friends with her cat.

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