Vivid memories sleep on the horizon
Reminiscing on the days of old
Days past, but not gone
Asleep, but not dead
The negative energy radiates;
Cuts deep: to the core, to the heart
Hatred, insecurity, depression
Drown you
Try to swim
Can’t move
For what worth is this life alone?
Says the insecure
Says the one with hate
Says the one wearing a lens of black and grey
The hand has been there
Just hold it
Let your heart be forever stitched
Let the light captivate your soul
Be healed
Be free




Marcus Brown is a 3rd year student at Oakland University in Rochester Hills, MI. Marcus has been writing since he was fifteen years old and co-writes with various musical artists. He is hoping to publish a book soon and continually writes music in hopes of recording his own EP. He is majoring in English and minoring in Biology in the Secondary Education Program with ambition to inspire others to follow their dreams in life.

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