The 3 One-Piece Bathing Suits You Need This Summer

Whether you’re going to the beach on a hot summer day or to a cool pool party at your friend’s, bathing suits are essential! Shopping for the perfect bathing suit is exciting and stressful but always a good time. This season, say goodbye to bikinis and hello to one-piece bathing suits. Wearing these can be tricky since there are so many different designs you can get. Listen up, fashionistas! Here are the three monokinis you need for this summer.

The Black Low-Cut

Not only does the color go with anything and everything, but the low cut is essential. The tan line isn’t so bad, and the cleavage is just right. The thing about low-cut one-pieces is that they are almost always open in the back, which is the best. Having a completely closed one-piece bathing suit can make you feel like you’re going to a swimming competition. With this one, you’ll feel sexier than ever. This monokini is from Forever 21, and you can find similar alternatives at Zara, Bershka, and Pull & Bear.

The Open Side Look

If you liked the low-cut, black one-piece, you will definitely drool for this one. We love showing our curves and love handles. With the open on the sides one-piece bathing suit, you will definitely be able to show all of that. I must confess that the tan lines with this piece are kind of annoying, but there is always a solution: Wear this style when you are confident that you won’t stay more than three hours at the beach. That’s why I paired it with jean shorts and knew I wasn’t going to be exposed in the sun for too long. This monokini is from H&M and is a great gem you can wear again and again. Trust me, I’ve had it for five years now!

The Cheeky Neon 

Aerie has tons of bathing suits with incredible quality. You could wear this one-piece to the beach or a pool full of chlorine, and the color and texture will never go bad. This neon pink suit is one of my favorites since it shows a bit of side boob and is very cheeky. It doesn’t hurt to wear a little something revealing, especially to the beach! The twist on this bathing suit’s pop of color is what’s written on it: Go Coconuts! It’s the perfect saying for this summer, if you ask me.


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