“This is what I know about loss. It doesn’t get better. You just get somewhat used to it.”
— Jennifer Niven, Holding Up the Universe

img_0676On October 4, 2016, Jennifer Niven’s latest novel, Holding Up the Universe, was released, introducing readers to her two new characters, Jack and Libby. On the night of the release of Niven’s novel, I had the pleasure of getting to attend and help celebrate the launch of Holding Up the Universe with Jennifer Niven, my fellow Germ writers and editors, and also other bestselling YA authors. Located in Santa Monica, CA, the event was so enjoyable, was filled with lots of laughs, and was a great way to introduce such a life-changing novel into the world.

First of all, Jennifer’s signings are always completely unique; they are always the most interactive and enjoyable for fans and readers. At this specific signing, Niven put her screenwriting skills to use and had audience members read the lines to a specific scene from Holding Up the Universe, which was so creative and helped involve the audience in the entire process, making the audience connect with Niven as well. From the perspective of someone who attends multiple book signings a month, I have to say that this launch party was unlike any other that I have ever attended (in the best way possible).

img_0664And if that wasn’t great enough, Niven also did a phenomenal job of interacting with each and every fan, making sure to sign all of their books, take photos, and even do a selfie with everyone who came, making the experience much more personal. Many signings feel rushed, but the launch of Holding Up the Universe felt completely relaxed, very friendly, and definitely worth the long drive during the workweek.

While it was so much fun to catch up with Jennifer Niven and other familiar faces throughout the crowd, one of the highlights of the event was getting to talk and meet with some of my fellow Germ writers. It was very nice for us all to connect and to support our wonderful founder and friend as she released her newest novel to readers around the world; it is an event I will never forget.

img_0675Overall, this event was one of the highlights of all of the bookish events I have been to this year. The overall mood of the event was so much fun; the inclusion of the fans in the event and the time spent with each reader by Niven was so good to see. I am looking forward to attending any of her future events, hoping that this will be the new norm at all author events and signings.

Interested in reading Jennifer Niven’s latest novel? Go to your local bookstore and pick up a copy of Holding Up the Universe, a story about being yourself, showing love, and knowing that everyone is “wanted.”

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