Change by m.h.

When I lay awake at 2 a.m.
You’re the only one I let in.
My thoughts are trembling,
My mind is racing,
Tired, yet I can’t stop facing
The difficulties that keep me awake,
The choices I make,
The chances I take.

Will they ever make me achieve,
What I’ve never stopped to believe?

The days are passing,
Time’s running,
We all have a limited time on the planet,
Everybody wants happiness,
But some will forever forget,
That it’s better to give than to get.

The life we live now
Is what defines us in who we are,
But one day we won’t matter,
So I’m writing this letter
To let you know,
That it won’t be important
What the person in front of you is thinking.
So stop with this whole confidence shrinking
And start doing something.

“Change” sounds like a big word,
But it’s only as big as you let it be.
There’s so much
That has to be done,
But when it comes to the question
“Who’s In?”
The answer will most likely be




Maribel Hommen has always wanted to either write about important stuff or to just write stories to share her ideas with the world. It has just always been this way, and that’s why she started writing stories and even books that will never be finished– because life is short and time is running, and since she realized that, she started writing poems which don’t usually take her too long to complete. She loves music with meaning behind the lyrics, and she loves songs in general that you can interpret on your own. She loves books and series that are just  about life in general, such as the beautifully written All the Bright Places or the British series Skins. You can find her on Instagram: @okmarii

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