Current by Mahima Kapoor

The satin sheet, wrapped around me,
Flows down my back whenever I sit up,
Fighting the still drooping eyes,
Fighting for a few more moments of sleep,
But sitting up anyway, my feet touching
The harsh concrete of the floor,
As I take a few moments to just think
About how deeply exhausted I really am,
And I sit with my back hunched,
Not having the strength to straighten up,
As I will have to all day long when I’m up,
But for a few moments feeling the
Satin of the sheet curve along the curvature
Of my spine, molding itself along the curves
Of my body, as it cocoons my beat
And weary back, letting its coldness seep
Into my very being, waking up every
Fiber inside my soul that has been tattered
And torn into pieces that don’t
Have even a comforting edge, but the satin
Caresses my spine almost like a person
Kissing every sliver of skin available to them,
Making every nerve beneath the skin jolt awake.


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