February 28, 2018

Dear Future Me,

Times will change. Right now, I am in the calm before the storm. Along with times changing, relationships (with friends, parents, and siblings), the structure of my life, and the way I view things will change too. Somethings, though, must stay the same.

  • Stay optimistic. Life is not going to go smoothly the whole time. Soon the clouds will clear, and things will go to a calm. In fleeting moments, it will seem like the calm will never come back and you will be stuck under with wave after wave crashing down on top of you, but you will push through. Remember you can control your mood. Some days you do need to just draw a bath and cry it out, but a lot of time you can look up and change your perspective and things will go better.

  • Don’t forget to fight. You will drown if you don’t fight. You have to be clear with what you want and what you can and can’t give to others. If you aren’t, expectations will build up and push you over.

  • Keep things organized. Stress will go away so much quicker if you stay organized and balanced. This means staying clean. Pick a day once a week to sweep/vacuum and wash whatever needs to be done. Everyday, you should make your bed and keep counters and tables clean. Right after you dirty dishes, wash them. Unless it is something like a casserole or brownie pan, it shouldn’t need to soak.

  • Budget! Know how much money you are making, spending, and have in savings. Record everything that you spend money on so you can have an accounts book. Have a budget. Set aside money for rent, food, household items, rainy day savings, retirement, some to invest, and some to spend on whatever you want. Don’t forget things like vacations, cars, etc.

  • Keep time for yourself. Have one day or night a week where you can relax without working on work, school, relationships, or anything besides yourself.

  • Exercise and eat well. You will be sooo much happier if you are taking care of your body.

  • Find a hobby you enjoy. It can be a club or class or just something you like to do on your own. Embrace it and find time to enjoy it.

  • Find a routine. It shouldn’t make your life seem boring and the exact same every day, but a simple morning routine and night routine will help you a lot.

  • Stay in touch with your siblings and parents. These are the people who know you best even if you don’t think they do. They will always be there for you.

  • Travel. There is so much of the world that you need to see. There is more out there for you than just one little town or state. Keep exploring.

  • Don’t let people tread on you. There will always be people who will try to take advantage of you, so stand up for yourself. Don’t worry about hurting them if they are hurting you.

Most of all, you must remember who you are. That will change over time, and that is okay. Stay true to yourself, and you will have success wherever you go. You can always turn to yourself when things get rough, so take care of yourself. Look back at times past with happiness, not regret or longing, and look forward with hopes and dreams. Things may get worse, but they will always get better—especially when you make them better. You have more power and control over your life than you can imagine. So take control, and stay happy and hopeful. Just by being good and true to yourself, you will make more good and beauty in this world than in any other way.

“I am made of fire, fierce and free!”
—Sonya Sones

Lots of love from your past self,

Grace Evans

Grace Evans is a freshman at Westchester Country Day School. She enjoys using her free time to play sports with her friends. Her work has appeared in the American Library of Poetry.

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