Teen Titans: Raven brings the complexity and spark of the original DC story and focuses on the beloved heroine Raven, through the ideas of both Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo. Told with a YA spin, readers are shown in beautiful, mesmerizing detail the origin story of Raven as she navigates high school, her past, and the new powers she develops and tries to understand. Written by bestselling author Kami Garcia and illustrated by up-and-coming illustrator Gabriel Picolo, Raven’s history is done justice with captivating comic strips and a world full of violence and mystery. 

Raven is left all alone after the accident. Now left to fend for herself, she begins high school at a new school with only a family friend to rely on. Raven is haunted by the past and the fact that she can suddenly hear the thoughts of others. Trying to run from her history, Raven begins to see the importance of her power, her need for allies, and also the fact that she just might be falling in love. Told in graphic novel form, Raven’s story is presented like never before—illustrated with humor and beauty and accompanied by Garcia’s witty and suspenseful writing that teens are certain to enjoy. 

Teen Titans: Raven is one of the first graphic novels that I’ve read, and I enjoyed every second of it. The first few chapters were a bit hard to get into since it was a very new concept to me, but once I reached the middle of the novel, I was completely captivated. Garcia and Picolo complement each other in all the best ways, and this collaboration is one of the most successful on shelves to date. The writing is impactful yet not overwhelming, and the drawings are simple yet imaginative and intriguing. I am so looking forward to reading more from these two authors, both masters at their craft and groundbreaking in their introduction of sophisticated YA graphic novels.

The supernatural, high school, and a dark force beckoning for destruction. Teen Titans: Raven provides everything readers could hope for: a solid backstory, humor, edge, adventure, and romance. Both male and female readers are certain to be enthralled with the dazzling drawings and complex teen characters, navigating both the realistic and the fictional. Pick up a copy of Teen Titans: Raven and experience a legendary DC character’s history—one that is anything but ordinary.


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