December Writing Challenge: Honorable Mentions — Winona Chan, Carlie Campol, Jessica Colella-Shake, and Clara

These 100-word stories from December's challenge were selected as Honorable Mentions. Those who  completed this challenge are now encouraged to share their stories in the comments section of the "December Writing Challenge."


Winona Chan

Stepping Out of Your Snow Globe

Speri loved living in her snow globe. She loved the eternal winter because she could wear her brightly colored scarves. She loved the Christmas lights draped on plaster houses and around plastic trees. She loved being alone in her red, gold and white world; no one could judge her blue hair or magenta horn-rimmed glasses. The world outside was dangerous and full of miserable humans. Why would anyone want to leave?

Sometimes though, she’d look longingly out the glass at the other girls enjoying the sunlight, wondering: what if?

But she was never brave enough to find out the answer.




Carlie Campol

Winter Wonderland Eyes

I remember when we skated on the frozen pond. The snowflakes stuck to our lashes and our fingers went numb, but her eyes were bright enough to keep me warm. Darkness had no place in our winter wonderland with snowflakes, rosy cheeks and hot chocolate kisses.

Now I stand here one year later, when those days with her are just memories. I want to tap her on the shoulder and see those winter wonderland eyes again. But what if her eyes do not sparkle anymore? So I walk away. In my mind, she will always have those winter wonderland eyes.




Jessica Colella-Shake


I’m running as fast as my feet will carry me. My breath is leaving my lungs in short bursts, contorting its way out of my mouth and hovering in a misty cloud around my face. I cannot believe he’d do such a thing to me. It’s Christmas morning; this was supposed to be our chance to get away, to fix everything. I’m still pushing through the several feet of snow when I hear his voice. “Christina!” I pause and turn to look towards him, standing on the cabin’s porch. I hear him scream once more, “watch out!” I look down.





That day your life changed.

It was a cold day, where your breathing can nearly be physically touched. She kept on waiting. She had been doing so since they decided to meet up at the winter wonderland park entrance. She was terrified so she thought that if everything went wrong she could just disappear in the crowd and hide away from them. In a second being afraid turned into being excited. They arrived with tears in their eyes, and just like that she met her parents for the first time. As she could see the park’s lights, she knew that life had never been brighter.




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