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Drugs, partying, and drinking can only make you feel numb for so long; reality is sure to hit you sooner or later. In the newest series on ABC Family, Recovery Road, teens and adults alike learn the harmful effects of addiction and how the road to recovery is one that is both painful and nearly impossible to endure. This series proves to be a cautionary tale to viewers because of the constant examples of the horrific and devastating outcomes of drug and alcohol addiction. Unlike most shows on television, Recovery Road is a series that does not glamorize consuming illegal substances. Instead it actually provides teens with reasons not to partake in dangerous and life-altering habits.

This series focuses on Maddie, a drug and alcohol addict who finds herself in a devastating situation: she is found guilty of consuming alcohol at school. This means she has two choices: either be expelled and forced to be homeschooled by her workaholic mother or be sent to a rehabilitation center for teens who are struggling with addiction. Both of these choices seem completely unacceptable and embarrassing to Maddie at first, but with time she finds that going to a rehabilitation center is not as bad as she once thought. With old friends showing their faces for the first time, and with addictions on the brink of destroying Maddie and those she cares for the most, limits are tested and choices will have to be made. Recovery Road provides plenty of suspense and drama, and it is guaranteed to be a hit with viewers of all ages.

Recovery Road is an interesting, extremely entertaining new series that is not your average teen television show. Based on the novel by Blake Nelson, this ABC Family drama is both heart-wrenching and touching due to its intense themes involving family, friendships, and the choice to overcome addictions. While some of the material presented in each episode can at times be disturbing and difficult to watch, I found it to be an important reminder for teens who are toying with the idea of experimenting with drugs and alcohol. As Maddie finds acceptance and a chance to right her long list of wrongs, viewers also experience her trials and triumphs on her road to recovery.

If viewers can take away anything from this riveting and intense series, it is that friends are necessary for any recovery and that addiction and self-harm will only lead to despair and pain. Follow Maddie’s journey every week on ABC Family or on Hulu and experience the dangers of addiction.


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