If you’re like a lot of people, then interacting with disabled people can be uncomfortable because you’re worried about saying the wrong thing or accidentally offending them — which unfortunately means that half the time you say the wrong thing and accidentally offend them. Fear no more! Because this video is going to save your life and make the lives of disabled people around you 10x better.

This “Disability Sensitivity Training Video” is a hilarious, brutally honest, slighty tongue-in-cheek video helping the able-bodied among us learn how to interact better with our fellow man. While presented as kind of a joke, it’s anything but, and I can’t recommend watching it enough.

There’s some serious wisdom here, guys, like, “Don’t yell at a blind person because they’re not deaf too,” and, “If you’re talking with a deaf person, look at them and not their interpreter because they’re not blind too.” Seriously, guys. Watch it. I promise it will make you a better person.


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