Trying to find last minute Valentine’s gifts or cards to hand out to friends? Looking for cute decoration ideas for your Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day get together? Well, check out Germ’s Pinterest board Valentine’s Day Ideas and Decorations for some cute, affordable options. Check it out, re-pin to your heart’s content, and comment to let us know which ones you love and just might try.

We wanted to highlight a few of our all-time favorite pins from our board. So, without further ado:

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Pins

(in no particular order)
1. Paper Airplane Valentine

I love this idea! These are the cutest. You can design your own airplane, or you can use the free printable download included in the pin’s link to get this exact look.

And, if you’re like me and are incompetent at making paper airplanes, you can watch this nifty video tutorial on how to fold the design provided.

These are ideal if you plan to hand out a lot of valentines to those around you.



2. Cupcakes with a Hidden Heart

Whether you want to make cupcakes for your class, your friends, or your dorm, these cupcakes with a hidden surprise are perfect for Valentine’s Day.




3. Free Downloadable Fonts, Valentines, and Labels

These can have be used for so many purposes. You can make your own special valentines and labels with the myriad of fonts available.




These valentines are cute, free mini cards that you can pass out to everyone, personalizing it with a note inside or leaving it as is. Sounds simple to me!



You can pass out the labels as valentines on their own with writing on the back, or you can attach them to candy, mason jars, or any sort of gift. They come in both black and white if you don’t want to waste so much of your printer’s ink.

Germ’s Pinterest board even has a link to Minecraft valentines, for that special gamer in your life.



4. Heart Bookmarks

These might be my favorite valentines. They’re small and cute, so it’s easy to pass out a lot of them; and, instead of just giving people paper, this is a valentine that doubles as a gift and that they can potentially use. And, yes, any paper can be used as a bookmark, but that’s why I love the extra effort of these being unique, fitting over the page instead of lying between pages.

You can always personalize it more by adding a note to the back or writing a quote about friendship.




5. Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

These look so easy to make, and the added pink hue gives it the special touch for Valentine’s Day. You could also just make simple chocolate chip cookies, maybe even replacing the chocolate chips with pink and red M&M’s.

Cookies always make a good addition to a party, or you could give them away as valentines — wrapping up two or three together and connecting them to a little note (see the free labels above).



6. Cute, Simple Valentines

The heading says it all. They’re simple and easy to make, and they have just enough cheesiness to make them unique and adorable. I also like the fact that there’s not a spot of pink or red to be found.





I especially love the maps valentine. Everything looks better with maps.




You can find more ideas for homemade valentines on Germ’s Pinterest board.


7. Nail Polish with Valentine Note

These are brilliant, and they could make great gifts for close friends, or, if you want to give out many, you can always find dollar nail polish (there are some good brands of these out there).

This pin also comes with a free printable download of the note in the picture. You can also make your own or use the free labels and valentines shown above!






8. Rustic Heart Banner

I’m a sucker for rustic-styled items, so I of course think this banner is the cutest. With the right materials, this is easily made and could even stay up long after your Valentine’s Day shindig is over.

Check our more DIY decoration ideas on Germ’s Pinterest board.




9. Heart Shaped Cherry Pie Pops

I plan to make these. Even if I don’t get to until after Valentine’s Day, I can not resist a mini pie. They’re so tiny and adorable, and they look delicious. I might forego the sticks altogether, though.

While the cherry filling works perfectly for Valentine’s Day, I’m curious as to which other fillings would be easy to substitute (I’m currently thinking peach!).

These would be fun Valentine’s desserts to serve if you’re having a get together, or making them could serve as a fun activity to do with family, friends, or your significant other the day of Valentine’s Day.

For more fun, simple Valentine’s Day desserts and snacks, check out Germ’s Pinterest board.



10. Mason Jar Full of Hershey’s Kisses

I have an affinity for mason jars, so this of course made the list. Hershey’s Kisses on there own make great add-ons to any valentine, and giving someone a large amount of them makes an easy, delicious gift.

The mason jar merely adds to the presentation and adds to the gift since they can still use the mason jar long after the chocolate is gone.

Check out Germ’s Pinterest board for even more mason jar ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts.


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