Now that winter is ending, a new season is up for us fashionistas. It’s time to come out of those thick sweaters and scarves and reveal a new look for 2017. If you’re thinking of starting over a new leaf, now’s the time to be as flashy and as fresh as you want. From flowing dresses to handcrafted accessories like customized bracelets, you’ve got lots of options waiting for you this year. Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming feminine fashion trends for this year.

Flashy Stripes

One of the long-running fashion trends is back and bolder than ever this year. From blouses to blazers, stripes are becoming more prominent as a design theme for spring. They can come in monotone or in rainbow colors, too. They’re great for both casual and formal wear, so expect them a lot. They’re not limited to tops either, as some outfits come paired with pants to match. If you’re the type who wants a suitable style for both office and personal affairs, this is your go-to look.

Bright Pink

Just like how colorful flowers bloom in the spring, clothes with flashy colors are sprouting everywhere this season. Neon colors are becoming a hit for both day and night outfits, but there’s a special place for pink this year. After a noticeable start in women’s accessories, this shade is moving on to clothes. It does make sense; after all, nothing announces your presence faster than a bright pink ensemble.

Lemonade Yellow

If pink looks a bit flashy, why not try another color that complements the season? Flowers don’t bloom without the sun, and what better way to fit in than with a dress of the same yellow color? Wearing clothes with this hue is also dubbed the lemonade effect, a trend that originated from a music video of Queen Bey wearing a lemon-yellow dress.

Patterned Dresses

Floral patterns, abstract prints, and loose-fitting tops are some of the emerging trends for this season. After being wrapped snugly with all those sweaters in winter, it’s finally time to take a breather and wear something that gives you more breathing room. Maxi skirts, button downs, and cardigans are some of the options you can wear with patterned dresses. Not only are they great to wear outdoors, but they can make you look just as colorful as the blooming flora outside.

Lots of Accessories

Spring is one of the times when looking flashy and fresh is a must. It’s a new season for trying out more daring styles, and a good way to express this is through having accessories to go with your new outfit. You can try items like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to complement your style. If buying seems out of your budget right now, then maybe you can try handcrafting your own out of used materials.


Just like how new flowers bloom in the spring, this season is a great chance for you to start coming out with your own choice of outfits. Mix and match the options on the list or go with a set style; it all depends on your mood. Don’t waste this opportunity to try out some bold and flashy clothes for a fresh look.



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