Flowers in My Garden

by Mihara Minsadi

Flowers in My Garden 

My garden used to be an empty ground. Only patches of grass lay here and there. Along with nothing else but the bugs I feared roaming around.

One day I told myself “This isn’t the garden I want.” And I reached into my mind and I pulled out a seed. A seed that I had been burying away deep for a long time. Because I believed it didn’t deserve to be planted and I thought it should lie buried forever.

But now I took that seed, I planted it and I watered and cared for it every single day. It grew to be a beautiful flower of my own creation. My garden was not empty anymore.

I started reaching into my mind again, reaching into the deep depths of it where I had previously buried all my thoughts and ideas and goals. I took them all back from the depths, seed by seed, and I planted each and every one of them until I had a garden that was filled with my very own flowers. They were all different sizes and colours.

As I looked at my garden I remembered the times in which I believed I could not even grow a tiny leaf, but now I know that I was the picket fence holding myself back all these years. Now I myself decided to break down that fence and climb over to where I was destined to be all along. What I thought was a drought was my own self doubt. But once I gave myself a chance and finally tried, I realised I can grow an incredibly flourished garden if I wanted to. 

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