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For most families, the holiday season means feasts. It’s a time when the whole family gets together so you can eat and give thanks. Some families, though, are not thinking about which foods to have at their feasts. Instead, they’re wondering if they are going to have any food at all. Heifer International is an organization working toward ending hunger and poverty.

Image via Heifer International

Heifer is working on a number of different projects that attempt to make places better and more suitable for people to live in. A huge part of this involves creating better resources for people. Heifer tries to build a community where people can work together to make more food for everyone. The organization trains farmers to take care of animals and to teach the animals to do things such as work in the fields and carry food to the market. When these animals have kids, the farmers are expected to pass the offspring off to another family. The eventual goal is for everyone to have an animal like this.

Heifer also works to achieve gender equality and to improve the environment. Heifer encourages men and women to work together so that they can accomplish tasks; they want people to be equally respected despite their gender. Heifer also works to improve the environment so that tasks such as farming are easier. In order to do this, Heifer rebuilds forests that have been cut down and rejuvenates poor soil in areas where it’s needed.

There are many ways that you can get involved, no matter where you live. The simplest thing you can do is to just give money. It will go to Heifer, and they will decide where they need it most. You could do this in a couple of ways. You can give one donation, plan certain amounts, or give a certain, fixed amount each month. They also have a gift catalog so you can choose a gift to buy for someone who will need it most.

There is always a place for you to help. Whether you choose to get involved with Heifer or any other organization, make sure to try and use what we have to benefit other people who might not be so lucky. 



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