I love Halloween, and wearing a mask is always a classic costume accessory. Get creative and make your own mask. It’s really simple, really fun, and really inexpensive.

Here are my steps for how to make your own unique mask:


Step 1: Get an idea

Try and figure out a theme for your mask. This will help you later when you try and decide what color you want your mask to be and what accessories you want to add.photo


Step 2: Find your supplies

See what you can find around the house. Get creative. You can use pretty much anything you find around the house, or you can find fun add-ons at any craft store. You can use sequins, feathers, lace, ribbons, paint, and more.

Step 3: Paint the mask any color/colors you want

These colors should go with your theme, and all of the colors should go nicely together. Make sure you paint the whole thing evenly.


Step 4: Get out the hot glue gun

Decorate! Glue on your accessories. You should try to have them connect with your theme. Put them on however you want. Just make sure to add your own flare to the mask! For my mask I chose to put on feathers as an accent on one side.


Step 5: Try it on!!!

Put on your mask and see how you look!



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