How to Prepare for Weather Changes in Style

New England clothing styles are a catch, and everyone knows it. We New Englanders have the pleasure of dressing in many different articles of clothing that suit many different temperatures and weather conditions. Lets face it: We have experienced Nor’Easters, temperatures over 100 degrees, breezy spring days, and crisp autumn nights.

If you’re a New Englander, than you’ve got the transition down pat when it comes to a cold morning and a warm afternoon. You know what to wear.

A cold spring morning usually calls for your thrift-found grandpa sweater and maybe some moccasins or boots paired with leggings or jeans and last season’s faded tank top. But when your mornings range from 30 to 40 degrees with an afternoon looking to reach the mid 60s, it’s time to think ahead.

1. Layer using more than one shirt.
Image via The Sweetest Thing
Image via The Sweetest Thing

Always wear something warm because New England weather is pretty unpredictable, and you don’t want to be left in the cold without anything to wear. Tank tops are always my go-to because they can be worn alone or they can be layered with flannels or sweaters. When the temperature picks up, it’s easy to wrap your flannel around your waist and — boom — you’re ready for a suntan. In unpredictable temperature, it’s nice to pair a tank top with another top because you can always take layers off, but you can’t put them on if you don’t have them!

2. Try a pair of tights.
Image via I Am Style-Ish
Image via I Am Style-Ish

I have to admit, tights are my all-time favorite! They can make an outfit grungy and punk or they can add a cute girly flare to your wardrobe. In cases where temperature plays a role, tights can go either way. I always pair tights with a dress; whether it’s a colorful spring dress or your little black dress, ’tis the season! When wearing a black dress, I like to wear either plain black sheer tights or sheer black with a pattern or dots on them. The pattern adds a little spunk to the outfit. This outfit goes great with any type of Doc Martins or black riding boots. Remember, tights don’t always have to be black or even colorful; Nude tights are a must-have when the seasons are transitioning. A light colored spring dress with brown combat or riding boots will look great with nude tights.

3. Scarves can be saviors.
Image via Style Du Monde
Image via Style Du Monde

We can all jump the gun and get a little spring happy when it’s early in the season; we often don’t think we will need a sweater, thinking that a long sleeve shirt and jeans will be warm enough. This isn’t usually the case when it’s mid-March. The sun may be blazing, but the wind is what catches you off guard. I usually like to bring a scarf with me if I’m going to be outside for a long period of time.

A scarf is easy to maneuver, it adds a lot to an outfit, and, if you’re too warm with it on, it’s easy to just throw in your bag or to even unwrap once and let your neck get some air. I tend to reach for the oversized blanket scarves because they are not only fashionable, but they really can save the day. On days when you’re really not prepared to be out after the sun goes down without a sweater, your blanket scarf will really come in handy, seeing as they unfold into a literal blanket! Walk around with your scarf wrapped around your shoulders as a shawl, and your wardrobe is completely transformed — not to mention, you’re also a lot warmer!


There is always room for compromise when it comes to transitional outfits. My motto is to always bring a backup sweater or scarf when I’m not sure of the weather. Boots are also very nice this time of year because, well, it’s probably the last few times you’re going to get the chance to wear them before your feet start sweating! Converse and canvas shoes are always a go-to, too.

Happy spring!

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