With college acceptance letters arriving in the mail, the final months of senior year can be overwhelming and stressful. Coupled with the pressure of deadlines and exams, students can become burnt out. As a result, students can sometimes feel unmotivated; after all, it’s just four more months of school left, right?

It is important, however, for you learn to balance your rigorous school life and your personal life. These are the skills that will last you a lifetime. Not sure where to start?

Below are 5 tips to help you stay motivated during your senior year!


1. Do something new!

In your leisure time, try something that you have never done before. Think about your future career goals or interests. Remember, it is never too early to pursue your passion.


2. Change your routine

If you are like myself, you love routines; but, the same ritualized schedule can feel dull.

So, instead of always going to that same coffee shop after school, why not try the new one around the corner?


3. Try a different extra-curricular activity

In your senior year, ensuring that you have enough extra-curricular activities are crucial. However, keep in mind that colleges want to know that you are a well-rounded individual. It’s okay to try out and join a new club or even start one!


4. Get energized!

If you notice that you feel fatigued throughout the day, try “10 Natural Flavored Water Recipes.” These DIY fruit waters are a great way to stay hydrated and energized.


5. Turn off all of your electronics for 10 minutes each day.

In these ten minutes, do something that relaxes you. This can be yoga, reading a book, or simply nothing at all. Use this time to eliminate any outside stress that you may have. Often times, stress is the main culprit when you feel a lack of motivation. Regardless of what is going on in your life — or how many AP exams you have — take some time to simply slow down.


Whether you are completing your senior year or about to start your senior year, I hope that these tips keep you motivated throughout the remainder of your high school career.

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