vintageThrift stores may be your destination for decade-inspired outfits, but have you thought about shopping there often?

Second hand stores are where you find treasures and where you get the opportunity to shop green. These stores discourage people from throwing away their unwanted items. Instead, they encourage people to donate them so others can reuse them.

Shopping green is similar to the use of recyclable bags at supermarkets. Why not use something multiple times as long as it’s in good shape? You can enter a thrift store looking for a prom dress, buy it, wear it, and, if it’s still in good condition, donate it.

The fun thing about vintage and thrift store shopping is that you’ll never know what you’ll find.

clothingIf you think that recycling stores only offer old things, let me tell you that they don’t. Although they do carry clothes, shoes, music, and movies from decades past, they also have the new and latest trends.

Not only that, but these stores sell their items up to 80% cheaper than department stores!

There are stores like Crossroads Trading Co. that allow you to buy, sell, and trade in your unwanted clothes for ones on their racks. Goodwill and the Salvation Army let you buy their slightly used items and donate ones you have at home.

You too can be a vintage and thrift store shopper. Just follow the following easy steps.


Have an idea of what you’re looking for:

It can be overwhelming if you visit a second hand store without knowing what you want to buy. Instead, plan ahead to make your scavenger hunt fun and easy. It may be a film’s soundtrack, last year’s popular book, or jewelry to match your holiday outfit.

Inspect items, especially clothing:

Although many stores try to sell slightly used items, you might want to double check. Make sure the clothing or jewelry is not torn or damaged. If you find a problem, some stores may offer you a discount.

Try them out:

Jelectronicsust like you would do in department stores, try on the clothes and shoes. It’s always best to see and feel how something fits. Is it comfortable? Do you like how it looks on you? It’s best to try it on, especially when stores like these don’t offer returns.

Found a cool record player, a lamp, or a hair curler? Thrift stores want to sell all their items, and they want customers to be happy with their purchases. They let you see for yourself that an electronic works by having multiple chord outlets where you can plug them in.

Make it yours:

There are many ways to make an outfit match your style. There might be a pair of shoes that would look perfect with your prom dress or a 1990s concert tee to go with your skinny jeans. All it takes is your creativity, some DIYs, and the possibilities are endless.


If you’ve had enough of certain items in your closet, the environment doesn’t need them adding to landfills. Someone else who is thrift store shopping will. Donate it, sell it, or trade it.

You’re shopping in a green way that has a less harmful impact on the environment and your wallet.


How do you thrift shop?


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