How Words and I Met


Whenever I think about how I discovered my passion for writing, I know it always comes down to the day that my parents gave me my first fairy tale book. I remember being so absorbed in reading the stories and wondering if I could write my own in the future. With this in mind, I started to write stories everyday in a notebook. I’d show them to my parents, and they would tell me, “Very good!” Then I wrote some more until I filled more notebooks with my words. I was only five then, but I already felt like a real author.

From then on, a new notebook was a staple purchase during my weekend bookstore visits. With a mind bursting with ideas, scenes, and voices all the time, I needed a notebook to let my thoughts out. As time went by, my love for writing grew stronger. In grade school, I wrote Sweet Valley High fan fiction with my best friend. We would write during recess and lunch break and read each other’s stories. We even gave each other feedback! It was really fun, and I’d definitely say my best friend was my first critique partner.

In high school, I was part of clubs such as Friends of the Library and Literary Circle — anything to do with words. I just couldn’t stop writing! Then I created a blog on Xanga (I know, so yesterday!) to share my personal thoughts and experiences. In college, I was part of the school newspaper and wrote feature stories that enhanced my creativity with words and ideas.

I went straight to graduate school after college graduation. Putting off working in the “real world” to study again was a huge decision and sacrifice to make, but I don’t regret making that choice. I did it to improve my writing skills because I want to be successful in both journalism and the book publishing industry. In addition to that, I want to fulfill my dream of publishing a YA novel one day. I guess that’s what your passion does to you: It motivates you to get better, to strive hard to achieve your goals. Based from experience, all the hard work is worth it. I get to apply what I’ve learned from graduate school in my blogging, in my fiction writing, and in my current job as a PR practitioner. I’m happy with how far I have come. As for my dream to be a published YA author, though it has not yet come true, I believe I will get there. I know this because living and breathing words is a huge part of me. I am in love with writing, and that’s how it will always be.


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