If you were given the chance to work with Beyoncé, the Queen of Queens, and be taken under her wing as an up and coming artist, would you take it? Chloe and Halle Bailey from California and Sophie Beem from New York sure did. These gorgeous girls are practically living the dream.

Image via NY Daily News/ edited from original

Chloe, 17, and Halle, 15, have an awesome YouTube channel where they post original songs and covers of famous songs. One of them is “Pretty Hurts” by none other than the Queen Bey herself, which was posted December of 2013 and has over 8 million views. Beyoncé took notice, and her company — Parkwood Entertainment — has signed both girls with multi-year contracts!

Check out their amazing cover here:

Both girls are also talented in acting and have appeared in a couple of movies, such as Meet the Browns, Last Holiday, and Let It Shine. They are both hopeful that their careers will skyrocket with the help of Beyoncé, as she will be very hands-on with managing them both.

Also on the list of Beyoncé’s new proteges is Sophie Beem, a 16-year-old X-Factor contestant who was lucky enough to have wowed Bey’s management team and has been signed for a $560,000 contract. Incredible. The teen is a singer-songwriter, and she has opted to work under a band, which Parkwood Management believes will be her forte.

According to the NY Daily News, the contracts have been filed in the Manhattan Supreme court and will have to be approved since the girls are minors.

There is no denying that the Queen is definitely expanding her empire with this move — and a good move at that. I personally cannot wait to see these girls shine because they absolutely deserve this one-of-a-kind opportunity. Now, I’m off to brush up on my vocals… and learn how to upload a video onto YouTube.

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