Everything about you shone and I wanted it all.

I wanted the blood and liquid ambition that pumps through your veins, I wanted the love in your arteries and all the greed hidden in your heart.

I craved access to the portals of your very core, I wanted to crawl through your pupils and bump my head on the ceiling of your innermost thoughts.

To totally access another human and sift through all your endless intricacies.

You slipped into your dreams and introduced yourself as a god.

We forgot or just disregarded that this isn’t healthy.

Humans aren’t meant to live under the same skin but we chose not to reflect on this.

There are tiny daggers in my fingertips and I intend to mark everything I touch.

After a year I’m ready to avenge myself and you’re ready  to try again.

I don’t care if you cry about the scars, you ripped my skin open and walked away laughing.

You can live with a f***ing pinprick


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