Maybe you set your sights on your dream college at age ten.  Or maybe you’ve always known that continuing education isn’t for you.  Maybe you haven’t made your mind up yet– to go to university or not to go, to delay or decline altogether.

That’s why they invented gap years.

Time Magazine wrote a piece this past spring called “Why Your High School Senior Should Take a Gap Year” in which they say, “taking a year off between high school and college can be a benefit if done right.”

Colleges like Princeton and the University of North Carolina are joining longtime gap year supporter Harvard in offering scholarships and fellowships to incoming freshmen who’ve taken a gap year. More high school graduates than ever are opting for a year-long sabbatical before committing themselves to another four years of school. Because of this, organizations like AGA (American Gap Association) and USA Gap Year Fairs are flourishing, offering practical help and advice on how, when, and where to plan for the gap.

This is the first in Germ’s Gap Year series.

(video courtesy of PMGY/Plan My Gap Year)

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