My Second Home

The woods of conservation land near the local train tracks are as home to me as the snug quilted duvet on my bed tacked down by timeworn plush friends or my spot at the kitchen table.

To me that’s how it should be, though that could be slightly biased since that’s exactly how it’s always been for myself. But with facts like the proven serotonin escalation and improved attention span as a result of spending time by the marshy banks and pathways of stiff fallen pine needles in the forest, it’s hard not to go out and hug a tree (best when no one’s looking!).

Taking a stroll in the remains of a farmland or under the canopied shelter of crisp, emerald fans gives this new generation of teens, who break up over text message and tweet about it the next minute, a time to understand what every parent’s message is when they say, “Get off your phone. It’s nice out!” and what Michele Obama meant by starting her Let’s Move Outside campaign to illustrate how being outdoors can radiate amazing benefits.

Some more positives involve better creativity and relaxation abilities as real, live experiences rule over technology, especially amongst easily impressionable children.

So, walk around and find that special place where your ankles are tickled by green fronds, where your lungs are filled with refreshing breaths, and where your heart can be overwhelmed with nostalgia and be teeming with adventure synchronously.




Carina Marie Christo is a freshman in high school who recently published her first novel, Loud Silence, with hopes to donate part of her profits to a local charity. Carina loves writing as well as hanging out with her friends and family, playing field hockey, running, and listening to music. She lives in the greater Boston area and hopes to someday become a journalist or something else with writing.


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