He jokes that the bed isn’t big
enough for all of us anymore.
Everyone involved has gotten bigger.
There is a softness love brings
and the kittens have grown.

We are becoming
in the bed sheets,
and plan to buy a bigger bed

for the cats
so they have room on the mattress.

If you were to ask them
how they felt about
their humans
spreading out in their clothes
they’d probably tell you
how easy it is to purr
into sleep
on a cushion.

Only Bean worries
when I go to the mirror
to tweeze my chin.
Tries to knock the tweezers
from my paws,
purring on my shoulder.

Wondering how mommy
will fit through doors properly
without her whiskers.




Nina RobinsNina Belen Robins is a three-time National Slam Poet and the author of the book of poetry Supermarket Diaries. She loves writing and her cats and her boyfriend, and she spends most of her days in the bakery department of the supermarket where she works.

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