Normal People: The Pain of Adolescent Love

Based on the #1 New York Times Bestseller, Normal People is a story about sex, love, and redemption — all of the discomfort, confusion, and lust of adolescence on full display. With a frank and graphic depiction of teen love, Normal People chooses to delve into the small moments, both good and bad, that make young love so memorable and so passionate. 

Connell mingles with the popular crowd. Marianne hides in the corners of the hallways and fails to be noticed, until Connell gets to know her — despite the way his friends ridicule Marianne time and time again. The two begin to see their true chemistry and desire to be known in a deeper, more holistic way, though their relationship remains hidden. While Marianne seeks something real, Connell remains focused on his pride, breaking Marianne’s heart a little more every day. Told with tragic realism, Normal People speaks to the heartbreaks that define us and the ways that people can connect unexpectedly, even if only for a moment. 

Normal People was a difficult watch. For anyone who has ever been heartbroken, this show tackles all of the most painful, brutal components of falling for someone. Each scene is tinged with both passion and tragedy, hope and the bitterness of longing. It shows the pain of love without restraint, also unpacking the differences between love and lust. While the book was phenomenal, the filming of this series is nothing less than spectacular. The trials faced by these two complex and flawed characters come to life on the small screen and leave a searing, emotional impact that wasn’t captured in the novel. This love story will stay with me for a long while. The pain and love they experience is so real; none of the fluff or idealistic notions of romance are seen here. 

Normal People brings viewers a series about what it means to be human, what it means to have desire, and what it means to be hurt by the one you are supposed to love the most. In only twelve short installments, Hulu provides a series unlike anything else on streaming. This series is unflinching and incredibly graphic, making this relatable and relevant to all. Stream Normal People today and fall in love and cry with Connell and Marianne as they come together and fall apart, as they navigate first love and the pressures of the world around them. 

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