Sometimes life just simply feels perfect. Flawless and divine like fresh fruit or the beating
of a bird’s wings.

So perfect that it is simply effortless in its beauty. Straightening your hair as
you feel the gracious light of the sun crawling over every inch of your exposed skin.

The first taste of the air as you step off an airplane or the feeling as you break through beautiful clear blue water for the first time all year. Times like these, so effortlessly perfect, are silent. No words
need to be said to understand the feeling, no words can be said to portray it in its entirety.

Typing on a computer while the sunlight perfectly hits your screen; beautiful moments in a vast ocean
of consistent waves. These moments are few and far between.

The seconds where you can feel every inch of your lungs as the air consumes them, or the feeling of water slowly sliding down your throat in the hot summer sun. These moments can not be captured in a picture,
although we all try.

Living in an age of technology neglects our brains from accepting the beauty around us. Take a second to yourself. Feel the air as it blows your hair in the wind, smell the flowers instead of capturing them. Live in our world, feel the moment while you can, perfect only lasts a second.

We don’t take pictures with us when our time is up, we leave all our mortal possessions with the living. We take the moments and memories with us, so make them.

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