The Process

Recovery                                                                                             Recovery

is a constant                                                                                        is never ending

state of mind.                                                                                      must remind oneself

some part of my                                                                                  how far you have came.

brain constantly                                                                                  time is on your side now

working.                                                                                              the shower is a place

some days it makes                                                                             for relaxation to settle in.

an unwelcoming                                                                                  Home is a home again.                      

appears to remember                                                                           I find refuge   

the past.                                                                                               with him. Love is alive—

                                                                                                            in me, for me, from Me.

the days where I found                      

refuge in the bathtub.                                                                          for I am

the shape knick of                                                                                           fearless.

the blade. the color                                                                             for I am

blood dripping down                                                                                      stronger

my thighs.                                                                  

the steam from the shower                                                                  than the pain I once endued.

fogging up the mirror.

mist casting itself

around the white room

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