I think one of the problems with society today is that everyone seems to be romanticizing mental disorders.

People think it’s cool to be “depressed” or to say they have anxiety to get out of doing things, or they make fun of someone who suffers from a real disorder. Let me tell you something right now: There is nothing fun about waking up in the morning wanting to kill yourself.

Truth is, there is nothing cool about having panic attack on top of panic attack just at the thought of a social situation. There is nothing fun about having a ritual so prominent in your everyday life that you can’t leave the house without tapping the door frame 3 times. There is nothing fun about becoming a recluse and spending countless hours alone because of what might happen outside of your safe haven. There’s nothing cool about drowning your sorrows in a bottle of pills and drinking sweet poison to stop the voices. There’s nothing fun about being so mentally destroyed that you can’t have a normal life, and that’s what society, school systems, and people don’t understand; this isn’t something to be envied or imitated.

There is nothing romantic about mental disorders.

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