by Sophia Dublin

In celebration of the incoming sunny days, or in mourning of a youth that is slipping into the waves.

I wrote these last Summer in the final days of being a teenager. Coming from your local eldest daughter of an Asian household, here were some of my thoughts amidst the melting heat and a sweltering heart – becoming transformed through new expectations and also being melded by the definitions of being a young adult.

A lot can happen in a year. But hey, I’m still here standing. If anything, this is here as a reminder that crashing waves only last momentarily.


There is something delicate in being in your disgrace,

Outlines of defamation,

Dirty shoes in a sacred place

I told you something I don’t say out loud often,
Took me a while to put my words together at first,

held my breath,
waiting for a response…

and it made me laugh like child,

because what you said was simple and mild,

Something I’ve never seen before


You’re absent in mind,
cup half full from your lover

If you’re terrified, just say it,
The sun won’t die and you’ll still wake up a brother

What a curse,
looking at the knicks in their bones and filling them with gold

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