by Mihara Minsadi

Somewhere beneath the depths of who I am now 

Is who I once used to be 

Looking out 

Seeing all her wishes come true 

A fairy godmother being her own future self 

The scenarios she had imagined were all coming to life

All by her own hands

Her visions back then had become the life she has now 

And her present self knew that somewhere deep down there 

Her younger self,that little girl with a mind full of hopes and dreams,

was watching her now with a heart full of happiness and pride as she looked on at what she would become in the future,

exactly who she wanted to be 

Beneath it all she still stayed,she was still there 

She never left 

And she would come out sometimes 

whenever her present self felt most herself while she was doing what she loves. She would never leave or die out. 

She stays there reminding her present self of what she wants,what she had always dreamed of as a child and she encouraged her present self to fulfil those goals and get there so that she could make her younger self proud,so that she 

She was the light her present self needed,shining from within,a reminder to keep going,keep doing,keep being

And she would always make sure to listen to that light 

As it shone so bright from within even in her darkest moments it would come out and remind her of who she was and help her get back on track. 

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