The Bates Motel Is Back Open for Business

Image via A&E.
Image via A&E

We see what people want us to see. — Norma Bates.

In the second season of the incredibly shocking and spine-chilling television series Bates Motel, everything is as crazy as ever. This incredible series, directed by Tucker Gates, provides more thrills and fear-inducing moments than any show to be released on A&E. Bates Motel tells the story of Norman — an insane boy who has become a serial killer — and his mother, Norma Bates — who is finally seeing the true evil and chaos that lies under the skin of her only child. While everything may seem fine and completely normal involving the Bates Motel, secrets are being unraveled, new villains are arising, and more deaths are sure to be on the way.

The second season of the infamous Bates Motel returns to fans with plenty of questions being answered and with characters changing completely. With it becoming evident that Norman is becoming more and more dangerous — especially since he is having constant blackouts that he cannot remember — things begin to become even more intense than they were in season one.

Things also become even more complicated as Norma finally decides that Norman cannot live with the rest of society, calling in a few favors and having him sent to a mental hospital for the wealthy. But the biggest question is: How can she afford it? Even though it is nearly impossible to get in, Norma — who is desperate to save her son, the center of her life — finds a way to get Norman into the best facility in the town. With plenty of mystery, violence, romance, and scenes that will leave viewers haunted for hours on end, Bates Motel is a series that horror fans cannot miss out on.

As someone who does not usually enjoy horror films or intense television, I assumed that Bates Motel would not interest me in the slightest. But after watching the first couple of episodes, I was hooked. The mystery and suspense is incredibly interesting — and so is the non-traditional relationship between Norma and Norman. The element of the show that hooked me for the rest of the season was the constant twists and shocking moments that are pervasive throughout the season. From mental disorders to domestic abuse, Bates Motel has more drama than even a soap opera, but the violence and mystery help the series to still feel appropriate for its intended audience.

The only aspect that I actually did not enjoy was the fact that the series pushes the boundaries at some points, leaving viewers horrified and disgusted. This show covers some very mature subject matters, such as abuse, rape, incest, and mental illness; all of these elements are shown realistically and graphically. While it is not bad enough to make viewers stop watching the show altogether, a little less of the graphic material could be presented and would result in a more pleasurable viewing experience for audiences.

Norman and Norma have come so far from where they started in season 1, but the curveballs life throws at them may result in wounds that will not be able to heal. Season 2 of Bates Motel will take viewers on a horrifying experience of a mother and son whose relationship may destroy their lives. From the psychological intensity to the thrilling moments, fans are sure to be just as addicted to the series. With Norman becoming more lost in delusions and Norma moving on with her life as best she can, viewers will never be able to guess what is in store for the two or what kind of chaos is sure to ensue.

For those looking for a terrifying and completely addictive television series, watch Bates Motel every Monday night, and follow the journey of Norma and Norman as they find that nothing is what it appears to be.   


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