In this article, you will travel through time, from the ’50s, where things were more conservative, less flashy, and very simplistic, to now, where styles range anywhere from uber risky and in-your-face to laid-back and delicate. You will see how a single look from the past can be summed up in just one powerful word to describe an entire era of trends and fads. Enjoy the journey that’s in store for you below!


Compared to today, fashion in this era was extremely conservative. Bellowing skirts, dainty and ultra-feminine shoes, and simple makeup were the norm. As the years progressed, each of these trends transformed into something slightly less conservative, and girls pushed the boundaries by showing more and more skin, of course!

Hair — “lovely”classic
Makeup — “uncomplicated”audrey hepburn
Outfits — “conventional”classic2
Accessories — “classy”cat-eye


So many styles were iconic in this era, from psychedelic colors and patterns to simple textures, silhouettes, and ultra-short skirts. Women were showing more skin than ever before and taking chances and risks with what they wore — no longer being shackled and held back by societal rules that were heavily implied in the ’50s, like covering up more skin and keeping everything very conservative and conventional.

Hair — “glamorous”big hair2
Makeup — “modern”twiggy
Outfits — “risky”big hair-bathing suit
Accessories — “futuristic”retro


Ahh, the era of disco! Bell-bottom jeans, flowy hair, and extravagant patterns were commonly seen on women and men. “Hippie” apparel (such as circle shades, psychedelic colors, or those long hairstyles and beards everyone seemed to love so much) was also still being worn as the ’60s ended and also in the late ’70s, a time for peace and love. It was quite an easy transition since the late ’60s and early ’70s were both very “psychedelic” times.

Hair — “Farrah, Farrah, Farrah!”farrah fawcett
Makeup –”radiant”makeup
Outfits — “free”70s fashion
Accessories — “boho”accesories



Leg warmers, neon colors, jean jackets, high-waisted pants, and of course that big hair that everyone loves so much! This was the era of prom, parties, and everything entertaining — because girls just want to have fun!

Hair — “big”80s
Makeup — “bold”big hair
Outfits –”bright”group
Accessories — “colorful”bright



My favorite fashion era. The people in this era took so many creative liberties and created trends people still wear today, like high-waisted jeans, overalls, and flannels. I adore the independence of young women and how they express it with their fashion choices.

Hair — “unique”90s
Makeup — “beautiful”Capture
Outfits — “denim-obsessed”90210
Accessories — “grunge”choker



Today, most of the styles I’ve seen have been loosely based off of prominent styles from the past. While most of the trends today are somewhat contrived from a prior time period, not every outfit is from just one era. Some outfits fuse all of the decades together, creating the best mix of everything! For example, a look today might combine modern makeup, shoes from the ’50s, and a denim jacket from the ’90s. The possibilities are endless. But that’s perfectly okay because, let’s face it, there are so many trends to work with and make our own!

Hair — “glam”beyonce
Makeup — ”statement”eyeliner
Outfits — “mix-n-match”modern
Accessories — “bling”diamonds

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